Preacher Training:  The Durango Intern Program

The need for additional training of preachers came to the attention of the church in Durango in 1992. Statistical information, made available to us, indicated that of the men who had been taught to preach in our Christian colleges and preacher training schools, only about 50 percent continued to proclaim the gospel after their first ministry. This meant that we were losing some 50 percent of our inexperienced men after their first local work. The problem is not with the training these men are receiving, but with many unrealized expectations on the part of those trained. 


The Christians in Durango determined that they could assist our preachers and the kingdom by providing "hands-on" training with an established congregation and with further teaching from an experienced preacher prior to their own initial ministry in local work. The dream of an internship began to take shape with the 1997 budget and the first intern arrived at Durango in February, 1998.

Since the beginning of this effort, the Durango congregation has become even more firm in its resolve that such additional training is desperately needed in the brotherhood. The response from men who desire to train at Durango has been so overwhelming that two interns were accepted into the program in 2000 and three in 2001. Three has become the maximum number of applicants accepted. This is due to director Guy Orbison's busy schedule.

We believe that the best training for preachers can come from experienced preachers. The New Testament exemplifies this in Jesus' training of the Twelve and Paul's work with Timothy. Further, Paul exhorted Timothy to continue the effort: "And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also" (2 Timothy 2:2).

We propose to give an inexperienced preacher who has received good training at one of our schools further, practical training within a local congregational setting. We desire to gradually ease a man into the pulpit and the rigors of local work through this program. While with the Durango congregation, the intern will experience the various tasks that fall upon the preacher without shouldering those responsibilities all at once.

In addition to the practical experience received, our interns will be taught by our preacher, Guy Orbison, Jr. in Greek, exegesis, and expository preaching. Orbison is a 1973 graduate of the Bear Valley school in Denver and holds the Bachelors, Master of Arts, and Master of Divinity degrees from Abilene Christian University. He has over 40 years of preaching experience and conducts up to fourteen gospel meetings each year. He is active in many writing pursuits and is well-qualified to train men to preach and to direct the efforts of the students.  The program requires an eighteen month commitment from each intern. 

The congregation in Durango, though small, provides an ideal setting for men who see a need to further their preparation for preaching the gospel. 

For Information:
Mail applications to:
Guy Orbison, Jr.
P.O. Box 633
Durango, CO 81302

Phone: (970) 247-0865

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Graduate Reunion Workshop:

We began, for the first time since the beginning of our training program, a special "reunion" program for as many of our graduates as could return.  This is intended be a reunion for our congregation and a "refresher" for our graduates.  Our first reunion was held August 3-7, 2011and the second was August 7-10, 2013.  These were enjoyable eventsand we plan more such reunions for the future.

Some of the men who came to the 2013 reunion.

Josh Macy gets an early start at preacher training.

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Graduate Reunion Workshop:  

August , 2015


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